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Tap On! Tap Off! Home Lighting On Your Phone

One-Second Installation
Home Lighting

  • Timers
    Auto on/off even when away
  • Automatically turns on lights
    As you enter rooms
  • Dual control
    Phone or wall switch

No tools, No wiring, No worries

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Never Enter a Dark Home Again



Welcome Home Feature

Welcome Home
Never enter a dark home again!

Automatically turns on lights as you arrive home or enter rooms.

Timers Feature

Always make it look like someone is home!

Turns lights on/off automatically at preset times - even while you're away.

Money Back Guarantee

We believe that Switchmate is the perfect smart and simple lighting solution- one that is effortless to set up, and that makes your everyday life just a little bit easier. If you don’t agree, we’ll refund your purchase within 30 days and give you a 1-year free replacement warranty!


Snap Tap Start!


One Second Installation One-Second Installation No screws, no wiring, and no wi-fi required.
Magnetic Attachment Magnetic Attachment Instantly attaches magnetically on top of existing light switches.
Manual Activation Manual Activation Control your light at the wall or on your phone.
Portable Portable Move it around the house or take it with you when you move.
Long Battery Life Long Battery Life Includes two AA batteries that last about 8 to 12 months.
Bluetooth Bluetooth Fast connection and 150 ft. range.

Real People, Real Results!

"I absolutely love that I don't have to hire an electrician to install it, that the app pairs with the device via Bluetooth as quickly as I've ever seen a pairing happen, and that as I said above it just works properly right from the start with no installation whatsoever. More companies that sell "smart home" products should take a lesson from Switchmate."

"That's what Switchmate is: a ridiculous yet surprisingly compelling way to put some basic automation into your lighting without having to actually rewire anything."

"Switchmate has also a timer function so you can schedule lights to turn on and off when you're at work or away on vacation."

"It's easy to install, and an inexpesnive way to give you a taste of connected lighting without investing in actual smart light bulbs."

"Switchmate is a hardware product you can purchase with confidence that it won't be stuffed in a closet within a's obvious that Switchmate is a win."

  • Jake on Facebook: "I Just received my Switchmate it works great. It allows me to control light switches in my house with my smart phone."
  • @ayushsood on Twitter: "Just got my @myswitchmate :) can't wait to have my porch light turn on as I walk up to it #thefuture"
  • @michellerivera5 on Instagram: "@switchmate This is very cool! I like that there aren't any complicated installations involved."


What is Switchmate?

Switchmate is the world's first one-second installation smart lighting solution that instantly attaches magnetically on top of existing Toggle and Rocker light switches. With Switchmate, you can control your lights through your smartphone, have lights turn on automatically when you arrive home or enter rooms, and set timers to have your lights turn on/off automatically at preset times while you're away.

How does Switchmate work?

Switchmate uses Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) technology to connect to your smart phone through the free app available on the App store and Google Play store. We use BLE to maximize your smartphone and Switchmate's overall battery life, and create rapid connection between the 2 devices - making the range up to 150 ft. Switchmate is compatible with Android 4.4 + and iPhone 5 and above.

We are working every day to make Switchmate's compatibilities more extensive, which include Wi-Fi and smart hub compatibility!

Does Switchmate use WiFi?

Switchmate currently does not have Wi-Fi capabilities enabled because of decreased battery life. We are working to make Switchmate's capabilities more extensive every day as well as creating smart hub compatibility!

How long does the Switchmate battery last?

Switchmate includes 2 AA batteries that will last about 8- 12 months.